Customer Management
Feature More information
360° View View all data related to a customer in a single page (both historical and future).
Timeline View Organize customer information based on timeline.
Manage Contact Information
Manage Properties Add one or more properties to each customer.
Tag Customers Create your own tags and add them to your customers.
Track Customer Source
Filter Customers Define custom filters for your customers.
Search with auto-complete Start typing a customer name or address and we'll help you auto-complete the search.
Assign Tax Rates Define custom tax rates and assign them to customers.
Add Notes & Attachments Learn more
Export to CSV Export/backup customers and save to your computer.
Get Quote Button Add a Get Quote button to your own website or facebook page.
Surveys Get feedback from your customers.
Mailing Labels Print mailing labels.
Home Page View Create a public home page for your business.
Review Management Workflow dedicated to collecting new reviews.
Improved Lead Tracking Customize lead capture data elements.
Send Customer Forms Send your forms to your customers.
Property Management
Feature More information
Satellite-based Measurement Get lawn measurements based on satellite images.
Measure Multiple Areas
Last Serviced Date View properties based on the Last Serviced Date.
Price Per Cut Set a different cut price for each Property. Learn more
Track Lawn Size and Mulch Quantity
Property Level Controls for Measurements Learn more
Track Property Management
Photos Upload photo(s) for each property. (Ex. Before and after shots.)
Notes & Attachments Add notes or attachments to properties.
Jobs, Tasks and Visits
Feature More information
One-time Jobs
Recurring Jobs
Calendar View activities on the Calendar by day, week or month.
Custom Forms Read more.
Drag & Drop Drag & Drop calendar items to reschedule.
Resize jobs to change start and end times.
Before & After Photos Take before & after photos and share with your customers.
Jobs List Print a job list for a single day.
Manage Job Status Manage jobs through different statuses. (Ex. Active, Completed, Cancelled, etc...)
Manage Job Priority Define a priority for each job. (optional)
Assignment Assign jobs to an employee or a crew.
Off-Season Calendar Apply off-season periods to your recurring jobs.
Service-based Calendar Coloring Configure your calendar cells to display different colors based on services.
Limited Access Give limited access to employees so they can view the job list and complete jobs from their mobile device.
Hide Other Employee's Jobs Read more
Push Out Jobs
Batch Reschedule Reschedule multiple jobs at once.
Shift Schedule Reschedule/shift jobs by week.
Advanced Filtering Filter the jobs list based on employees, crews, status and type.
Create Routes Drag and drop items on a route to configure the route sequence.
Optimize Routes Yardbook can help you optimize your route based on the shortest distance.
Map-based Dispatch Dispatch routes directly from a map.
Improve Routing Across Multiple Days Learn more.
Products & Services Add products and services to jobs, later these items can be billed through an invoice.
Direct Invoicing Generate invoices from a single Job.
Batch Invoicing Generate invoices from many different jobs all at once.
Embedded Map Links
Equipment Maintenance Set up recurring maintenance tasks.
Notes & Attachments Add notes or attachments to properties.
Handwritten Notes & Drawings Add handwriting to your photos
Service-based Job Instructions for Employees Add job instructions based on the service
Attach Form(s) to Job Notifications Send a copy of the forms to your clients
Feature More information
Landscaping Calculators 5 New Calculators
Customer Approvals Give your customers the ability to approve online.
Configurable/Optional Items Include optional services or add-ons.
Signature Capturing Capture signature via mobile device.
Manual Approvals
Email or Print
Auto Estimate Reminders Send auto estimate reminders to your customers.
Company Logo Add your own logo to estimates.
QR Code Allow customers to open estimates using QR Code.
Select Background Pick a background for all estimates and invoices.
Resize your Logo Adjust the size using a percentage setting.
Estimate Costs Enter your cost assumptions and estimate your profit amount.
Generate Invoices Create invoices directly from estimates.
Email Template Versions Create new versions of your email templates.
Jobs Create a job based on an estimate.
Catalog Add products and services from the catalog to estimates.
Lawn Measurements Associate lawn measurements to an estimate.
Chemical Applications Associate chemical applications to an estimate.
Smart Cloning Create similar estimates and invoices.
Invoice to Estimate Ability to create a renewal letter/estimate from an existing invoice.
Add Notes & Attachments
Feature More information
Email or Print
Multiple Invoice Print multiple invoices all at once.
Batch Email Email multiple invoices in a batch.
Print and Mail Print and send your invoices via USPS First Class Mail.
Company Logo Add your own logo to invoices.
QR Code Allow customers to open invoices using QR Code.
Select Background Pick a background for all estimates and invoices.
Resize your Logo Adjust the size using a percentage setting
Status Manage invoices through a set of simple status values (Ex. New, Pending Payment, Paid...).
Aging Invoices Find all aging/unpaid invoices in the Dashboard.
Manual Invoicing Create invoices manually.
Job-based Invoicing Generate invoice(s) based on one or more jobs.
Template-based Invoicing Set up recurring invoice templates. Yardbook will automatically generate invoices for you and notifiy you via email.
Auto Invoice by Property Auto create invoices by combining jobs based on property address.
Record Payments Add payments to invoices.
Credit Card Payments Customers can pay online via credit card. Payment will be automatically created.
Credits Apply customer's available credit towards an invoice.
Discounts Apply a discount percentage to an invoice.
Payment Terms Set a payment term for each invoice (Ex. Net 15, Net 30, Due upon receipt...) The value is defaulted from the customer.
Catalog Add products and services from the catalog to invoice line items.
Multiple Properties & Service Dates Track multiple service dates and properties on a single invoice.
Customer Tax Rates Automatically apply customer tax rates for taxable items.
Double-windowed Envelopes Support Double-Windowed Envelopes #9.
Payment Stub Generate a return payment stub for your customers.
Lawn Measurements Associate lawn measurements to an invoice.
Chemical Applications Associate chemical applications to an invoice.
Smart Cloning Create similar estimates and invoices
Multiple Product Selection Speed up your invoice creation by adding multiple products at once.
Email Template Versions Create new versions of your email templates.
Batch Reprice Reprice your recurring invoices in a batch.
Add Notes & Attachments
Export to CSV Export/backup invoices and save to your computer.
Feature More information
Record Payments Against Invoices
Partial Payments Learn more.
Over Payments Automatically issue credit when the payment amount is larger than the invoiced total.
Customize Tipping Amounts Customize your tipping options by contacting your support team directly.
Record Multiple Payments Record multiple payments in a batch
Pre-payments Record a payment before an invoice has been generated.
Pay Now Button Add a Pay Now Button to your Website
Due Dates Automatically Calculate Payment Due Date
Capture Payment Details Specify Payment Methods and Categories
Self-service Payment Customers can view invoices and make payments online by using a credit card.
Auto Payment Confirmation Automatically send the customer a confirmation email when they make a payment online.
P&L Generate Profit and Loss Estimates based on Payment Data.
Export to CSV Export/backup payments and save to your computer.
Routing & Optimization
Feature More information
Create Route Sheets Create routing sheets based on the jobs you already have in the system.
Geocoding Automatically geocode locations and job sites.
Drag and Drop Rearrange the route sequence with drag and drop.
Optimize Routes Let Yardbook find the shortest route for you.
Optimize Routes XL
Improved mapping API and support up to 100 stops for route optimization.
Copy Last Week's Route Read more
Start and End Locations Set up your default start and end locations.
Email or Print Routes
Add Jobs
Dispatch Jobs from a Map Create a route and dispatch jobs from a map view.
Geocode Override Admin override feature for geocodes.
Chemical Tracking
Feature More information
Track Chemical Applications Learn more.
Auto Generate Automatically generate chemical reports from jobs
Auto Weather Automatically capture weather information based on your GPS location
Applicators Store Applicator Information (ex. License #)
Chemicals Capture Chemical Product Details
Auto Attach Chemical Records to Invoices Learn more.
Print to PDF File
Email Send one or more chemical reports to your customers
Specify Customer Notes and Instructions
Clone Applications Save time by cloning from an existing application.
Export to CSV Export/backup chemical applications and save to your computer.
Inventory Management
Feature More information
Track Inventory Learn more.
Job-based Automations
Track Chemical Inventory
Manual Inventory Tracking
Alerts & Notifications Get notified when the inventory level is low.
Credit Card Payments
Feature More information
Stripe Integration Set up to receive credit card payments through Stripe, processing fees apply.
Payment Link An online payment link is embedded to invoice emails.
Self-service Customer can open the payment link and pay with their credit cards.
Card on File Store a credit card on file to charge future invoices.
Batch Email Send batch emails to customers for card on file.
Tipping Your customers can add a tip when they make a payment online.
Passing Processing Fees to Customers Charge your processing fees to your customers when they make a payment online.
eMail Notification You will receive an email whenever a payment is processed.
Support for Apple and Google Pay Learn more.
Employees & Crews
Feature More information
Admin Access Provide employee full access to your account.
Employee Information Store employee information such as email, birthday, salary, etc...
Limited Access Give limited access to employees so they can view the job list and complete jobs from their mobile device.
Manage Crews
Job Assignment Assign employees and crews to jobs.
Add Notes & Attachments
Configurable Email Notifications Configure who will receive different types of notifications.
Create Stand-alone Forms Learn more.
Expense Management
Feature More information
Track Expenses by Category
Track Vendor Information
Store Payment Method & Check #
File Attachment Add file attachment to expenses.
P&L Generate Profit and Loss Estimates based on Expense Data.
Add Notes & Attachments
Export to CSV Export/backup expenses and save to your computer.
Product & Service Catalog
Feature More information
Setup Your Own Catalog Manage product and service items in your own catalog.
Pricing Setup prices and tax rates for the various items in the catalog.
Quantity and Units Capture default product quantity and unit of measure.
Use Catalog Items Add product/services directly into estimates and invoices.
Bulk Pricing Update Update your existing pricing in a batch.
Equipment Management
Feature More information
Manage Check-in and Check-out Learn more.
Maintenance Set up recurring maintenance tasks.
Track Storage Locations
Store Purchase Price and Date
Store Details like Serial# and Model#
Access Control
Feature More information
Admin Access Grant admin access to an employee.
Limited Access Grant limited access to an employee.
Modify Employee Access Level
Hide Other Employee's Jobs Learn more
Remove Access
Advanced Access Control Learn more.
Time Clock
Feature More information
Overview Tutorial
Manage Employee Clock-in and Clock-out Use a time clock or enter timesheets manually.
Crew Leader Access Manage timesheets for other users.
Approvals Approve/Reject Timesheets
Audit Trail of Timesheet Records More info
Embedded Time Clock Access time clock directly in your job details page.
Analytics Built-in data analytics for your timesheets.
Export Data
Snow Removal
Feature More information
Overview Tutorial
Property-based Pricing
Route Templates Create reusable route templates for snow routes.
Quick Dispatch Schedule/Dispatch many jobs at once.
Auto Generate Invoice Process
Extension Columns (Custom Fields)
Feature More information
Overview Tutorial
Custom Fields Add your own fields to your Yardbook account.
Single Page View See all your extension columns on a single page.
Fast Search Search records based on these extension fields.
Email Templates Use extension field values in your emails.
Zapier Integration
Feature More information
Integration with Zapier Connect with 6,000+ apps to build and automate anything you can imagine.
Job Completion Trigger
New Lead Trigger
New Prospect Trigger
Estimate Approved Trigger
New Customer Trigger
Survey Received Trigger
Todo Items Trigger
Yardbook Selling Suite (YSS)
Feature More information
Automate Upselling Read more
Customized Product Catalog
Configurable Pricing
Library of Services
Email/Text Catalog Links
Feature More information
Payment Report
Expense Report
Invoice Report
Sales Tax Report
Earnings Forecast Report
Job Costing Report Calculate cost and profit based on jobs expenses.
Profit and Loss Estimates
Mileage Report Track mileage and view reports.
Job Profitability Report Learn more
Employee Revenue Report
Last Service Date Report Learn more
Opportunity Report Learn more
Premium Features
Feature More information
Bulk Text Message (Twilio Integration) learn more
Bulk Email learn more
Customized Get Quote Pages learn more
GPS Location Tracking learn more
Automatic Backup learn more
Automatic Invoice Reminders learn more
Multi-step Chemical Programs learn more
Mailchimp Integratrion learn more
Send Invoice via Text Customer can open a link to the invoice directly from a text message.
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