About Us

Yardbook is a vertical business application focused on the landscaping industry. It was created by experienced software developers based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Yardbook has been designed to save time and enhance organization --- all in a user-friendly interface.

Yardbook is always eager to hear feedback and ideas from our users. Since our launch, we have released a number of major features based on user feedback and we will continue to iterate and enhance our product with more features and better usability. If you have an idea on how the Yardbook interface can be improved, you're invited to contact us here.

Thanks for your visit and we hope you enjoy using Yardbook.

The Yardbook Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to use Yardbook?
You will always be able to run your business on Yardbook for free. Unlike many software companies, we don’t charge a monthly subscription fee, and don’t have any plans to start.
Will you be charging down the road?
We will guarantee a free lifetime plan for those who signed up for it. There will likely be some OPTIONAL premium services (pay per use) offered in the future. However, you will always be able to run your business on Yardbook for free.
Is my data secure?
Rest assured, we will not sell or trade your personal and business information with anyone (see our privacy policy). In fact, we protect all your data access with high-grade encryption. Encryption makes it very difficult for unauthorized people to view information traveling between computers.
Can I backup my data?
Yes, you can export and backup your data and save it on your own computer. Here is an FAQ on this topic.
How do I sign up for Yardbook?
Simply click on the “Sign up” link on the upper right of the page. It only takes a couple of minutes to get your account set up, and we have an import customer feature which allows you to get the customers in the system quickly.
Can I try Yardbook without having to sign up?
What type of support do you provide?
We are a small team of developers, not a huge faceless corporation. If you need help, just ask! Please contact us at (support@yardbook.com) and your questions will be answered by a real person as soon as possible - usually within a day.
Where can I find a features list for Yardbook?
You can find a complete list of Yardbook features here
Why don't you offer your software package for download?
The choice to develop Yardbook as a cloud-based application was made by Yardbook’s developers for many reasons. Not needing to download or install any software was a huge factor. Updates are deployed automatically, and given the frequency with which we add new features (based largely on user feedback) this approach saves our customers much time and hassle. Many applications are going this direction, including Quickbooks as one example. Users do need a browser to connect to Yardbook - and for those who want to use it on the go, a mobile app is penned to start development at the end of the year
What about an app?
A mobile app is a popular request from our users. While Yardbook does not currently have a separate iPhone or Android app, it does work within a mobile browser. In fact, many of our pages are smart enough to detect a mobile environment, and automatically change the page layout to better support a smaller screen. Click here for more information.
Where are the tutorials?
We have a set of videos and web tutorials here: support.yardbook.com. You can search for any topic you’re interested in by using the upper search bar. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you’re always welcome to contact us directly (link).
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 Recently Launched

Calendar V2
Enhanced calendar views with drag and drop, re-sizing, etc...

Charts and Graphs
Introduced charts and graphs to reports.

A New Support Site
Newly re-designed Support Site.

Enhanced Timesheet Report
View a timesheet report for all employees at the same time.

Quick Dispatch
Workflow optimized for snow removal jobs. Find out more

Property-based Pricing
Set up product/service pricing based on property. Find out more

Time Clock and Timesheets
Track employee hours by using a time clock. Find out more

Email Invoices in One Batch
Send invoices to your customers in one batch. Find out more

Tag your Customers
Add tags to your customer records. Find out more

Auto-notification When Job is Done
Configure Yardbook to automatically send emails when jobs are completed. Find out more

Grant Access to Employees
Introduced access controls for employees. Find out more

Enhanced Payments & Credits
Introduced credits and enhanced payment workflows. Find out more

Improved Auto Invoice
Preview and filter jobs before batch invoicing. See it now

Invoice & Payment Reports
Analyze your account with these useful reports. See it now

Sales Tax Report
Generate a Sales Tax Report. Help you report/pay applicable taxes based on taxable sales. See it now

Video Tutorials and Searchable FAQs
Watch short video tutorials and learn more about Yardbook. See it now

Double Window Envelope Support
Change your invoice style to show a payment stub on the bottom. See it now

See more
Price Per Cut
Set up different cut prices for all your customers. See it now

Satellite Image-Based Measurements
You can create lot measurements based on satellite images.See it now

Multiple Tax Rates
Assign each customer a different tax rate based on their location and the system will automatically use these tax rates on estimates and invoices.See it now

Equipment Tracking
Check out equipment to your crews and/or employees. View complete history and schedule maintenance.See it now

Chemical Applications
Track your chemical applications online. See it now

1-Click Invocing
Generate an invoice directly from an estimate. See it now

Cost-based Estimates
Track your costs for each line item. Review your profits before sending out the estimate. See it now

Profit and Loss Estimates
Track your profit and loss through your own estimates report. See it now

Expense Manager
Manage your all your expenses in one place. See it now

Yardbook Recurring Invoice
An automated way to generate invoices on a recurring basis. See it now