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Estimate # Customer Amount Date Related Invoice Emailed Approved (?)
1051   $0.00   09/22/2020 Add
1050   Medina Mountain Ranch (Larry Delgadiillo) $0.00   09/22/2020 Add
1049   (demo) Constance Lynch $270.00   09/21/2020 Add
1040   Leffler Group ((demo) Elroy Wolff) $486.00   09/21/2020 Add
1035   Robel-Schmeler ((demo) Lukas Satterfield) $792.00   09/21/2020 Add
1027   (demo) Micah Barton $540.00   09/21/2020 Add
1022   (demo) Eileen Buckridge $666.00   09/21/2020 Add
1015   Bosco-Kihn ((demo) Robyn Waelchi) $810.00   09/21/2020 Add
1010   (demo) Payton Herman $450.00   09/21/2020 Add

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