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By default, application level notifications are sent to all admin users.
Use this page to customize each notification and its recipient(s)

Note: If you revoke a user's access to Yardbook, he/she will no longer receive any notifications.

Email Notification Type User Recipient(s)
Business Profile - New Testimonial Notification [email protected]
Business Profile - New Message Notification [email protected]
Card on File - Successful Charge Notification [email protected]
Credit Card - Successful Charge Notification [email protected]
Credit Card - Tip Received Notification [email protected]
Customer Add Card on File Notification [email protected]
Get Quote - New Lead Notification [email protected]
Estimate Approval Notification [email protected]
Customer Text Message Notification [email protected]
Customer Inapp Message Notification [email protected]
Customer Survey Notification [email protected]
Inventory Management - Low Inventory Alert [email protected]
Bank Transaction Sync Error Notification [email protected]
New Notes (Daily) Notification [email protected]
New Invoice Created Notification [email protected]
Job Application Received Notification [email protected]
Payment Reminders Preview Notification [email protected]
YSS Order Received Notification [email protected]
Customer Import Status Notification [email protected]
Customer Form Submission Notification [email protected]