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Our Story

USG Landscaping, LLC is based out of Allentown Pennsylvania. Owned and operated by family, we started in 2017 servicing residential & commercial properties. Our passion in lawn care and landscaping which we take pride in our work leaving detailed quality work every time. USG Landscaping takes pride in specifying in Year round service programs designed specific for our client's property from detailed Lawn care and Landscaping as well Snow/ Ice Management in the winter. We offer services such as Lawn Care programs, landscaping installments, spring and fall clean-ups, aeration, over seeding more. Other services can be provided upon request. Making life Easier when dealing with Property Care.

Our Services

Here is an overview of the services we provide.

  • (Detailed Lawn care) Detailed Mowing of lawns is our specialty we take our time to leave clean crispy manicure lawn every visit. Leaving properties to stand out in the neighborhood. Stick edging border of lawn, sidewalk and walkways. Weed whacking around the house, islands and fence border is key to helping the look of the property, after everything is touch up blowing the street, sidewalks and walkways clean of debris and grass clippings at the end of each visit.
  • (Landscaping)From planting new flowers and Shrubs to seeding a new lawn. We also can lay sod for a whole new look or install bordering around designed areas.
  • Installing Decorative stone come in many sizes from pebbles to boulders as well many colors. Stone beds or stone borders can bring out a property outline.
  • It's our Job to make life easier when dealing with your property care.
  • (Lawn maintenance)Lawn Maintenance is lawn care with more detailed services to the client's property throughout the season. Spring/Fall clean ups, weed management, power raking, aerations, trimming, lawn edge definition and anything other services requested.
  • (Weed pulling, fertilization, aeration, power raking)
  • Spring/fall clean ups
  • (Trimming/ Pruning) Hedges and Shrubs are meant to stand out have detailed edges and curves to give the proper look desired. Appointments for trimming can be scheduled as monthly or seasonal appointments.
  • (Mulch/ Stone Installation )Mulch comes in a few colors to choose from such as black, brown, red and cedar. Mulch is perfect for flower bed, border areas and around trees to make the property stand out.
  • Snow Maintenance(Areas of service) Stairs, walkways, Sidewalks, Driveways and Parking lots

Our Work

Here are some other projects we've worked on.

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