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Application Date Product(s) Name Customer Address Applicator Name
08/30/2017 CANDO GRANULAR FIRE ANT BAIT Kennith Mohr 8875 Beier Valleys Beth Wehner Clone
08/16/2017 DREXEL AMINE-4 Crist, McGlynn and Dach (Guiseppe Little) 83961 Murphy Manor Nash Torphy Clone
08/10/2017 KILLER FOR ICE PLANT WEEDS Courtney Mayert 26891 Alexandra Centers Nash Torphy Clone
08/05/2017 KILLER FOR ICE PLANT WEEDS Alda Bergnaum 310 Ada Spur Nash Torphy Clone
08/13/2017 CANDO GRANULAR FIRE ANT BAIT Joanne Schamberger 7045 Brisa Burg Enola Terry Clone
08/12/2017 DREXEL KOP HYDROXIDE 88% TECHNICAL Shaniya Pfeffer 5932 Kiehn Shoal Annalise Hammes Clone
08/09/2017 LONZA FORMULATION S-21 Eugene Kilback 6232 Spencer Station Annalise Hammes Clone