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Chemical Tracking 2.0 - Beta Available

  • Setup your chemicals in advance
  • Link chemicals to your catalog services
  • Auto-generate chemical records for new jobs
  • Automatically set weather data based on GPS location
  • Easily email/print chemical records to your customers

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Download as: CSV
Application Date Product(s) Name Customer Address Applicator Name
04/27/2018 KILLER FOR ICE PLANT WEEDS (demo) Casandra Halvorson 679 Spinka Gardens Blanche Fahey Clone
04/14/2018 KILLER FOR ICE PLANT WEEDS Parker, Gerlach and Raynor ((demo) Monroe Schroeder) 2287 Towne Creek Nora Wuckert Clone
04/10/2018 DREXEL KOP HYDROXIDE 88% TECHNICAL (demo) Lilian Schumm 10124 Abner Greens Constantin Bosco Clone
04/28/2018 KILLER FOR ICE PLANT WEEDS Langosh-Streich ((demo) Chaya Lemke) 1759 Daphnee Throughway Hassan Harber Clone
04/30/2018 LONZA FORMULATION S-21 McDermott-Feest ((demo) Eleanora Mann) 9602 Marjolaine Drives Hassan Harber Clone
04/09/2018 DREXEL KOP HYDROXIDE 88% TECHNICAL Emard-Hudson ((demo) Devante Spinka) 7239 Baylee Track Madison Roob Clone
04/20/2018 KILLER FOR ICE PLANT WEEDS Metz, Goyette and Becker ((demo) Clarabelle Schaefer) 5439 O'Keefe Alley Hassan Harber Clone