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Chemical Tracking 2.0 - Beta Available

  • Setup your chemicals in advance
  • Link chemicals to your catalog services
  • Auto-generate chemical records for new jobs
  • Automatically set weather data based on GPS location
  • Easily email/print chemical records to your customers

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Download as: CSV
Application Date Product(s) Name Customer Address Applicator Name
07/08/2019 WEED & BRUSH KILLER XL-1 (demo) Derrick Tremblay 459 Karolann Parkways Tyson Lakin Clone
07/10/2019 DREXEL AMINE-4 (demo) Esteban Smith 8393 Johns Drive Carmella Strosin Clone
07/31/2019 BEST 4 SERVIS BRAND DDVP 10 (demo) Bette Tremblay 390 Rowe Brooks Carmella Strosin Clone
07/12/2019 DREXEL KOP HYDROXIDE 88% TECHNICAL (demo) Marcelino Altenwerth 310 Rosalinda Glens Carmella Strosin Clone
07/16/2019 WEED & BRUSH KILLER XL-1 (demo) Mikayla Yundt 18692 Mathew Shoals Kay Schultz Clone
07/05/2019 DREXEL AMINE-4 (demo) Maci Hermann 70466 Enrique Place Carmella Strosin Clone
07/18/2019 CANDO GRANULAR FIRE ANT BAIT Champlin-Lebsack ((demo) Judy Thompson) 707 Haley Road Carmella Strosin Clone