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Application Date Product(s) Name Customer Address Applicator Name
04/30/2017 DREXEL KOP HYDROXIDE 88% TECHNICAL Chanelle McKenzie 5230 Elizabeth Place Joany Turner Clone
05/09/2017 DREXEL AMINE-4 Grant and Sons (Tess MacGyver) 6873 Zieme Prairie Bell Strosin Clone
05/10/2017 BEST 4 SERVIS BRAND DDVP 10 Raymundo Bahringer 523 Ryan Parkway Joany Turner Clone
04/17/2017 KILLER FOR ICE PLANT WEEDS Bogisich, Ward and Bauch (Margaretta Aufderhar) 9099 Ward Isle Bell Strosin Clone
04/24/2017 DREXEL AMINE-4 Hills-Gutmann (Destin Beatty) 90790 Brain Shores Deshawn Durgan Clone
05/13/2017 CANDO GRANULAR FIRE ANT BAIT Cleta Renner 64752 Mertz Court Jed Lind Clone
04/29/2017 CANDO GRANULAR FIRE ANT BAIT Creola Lubowitz 13516 O'Hara Manor Joany Turner Clone