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Application Date Product(s) Name Customer Address Applicator Name
03/03/2018 KILLER FOR ICE PLANT WEEDS Roob, Mraz and Schuster (Colten Russel) 440 Leta Bypass Rey O'Reilly Clone
02/13/2018 KILLER FOR ICE PLANT WEEDS Grady, Wunsch and Ward (Antonia Sauer) 415 Garland Place Constance Abernathy Clone
02/28/2018 KILLER FOR ICE PLANT WEEDS Joey Willms 79269 Kassulke Ways Eldon Rolfson Clone
03/03/2018 LONZA FORMULATION S-21 Cali Shanahan 13778 Huels Alley Jessy Kessler Clone
02/27/2018 WEED & BRUSH KILLER XL-1 Crooks Inc (Riley Swaniawski) 906 Hand Track Rey O'Reilly Clone
02/12/2018 DREXEL AMINE-4 Emmanuel Moen 66690 Schowalter Islands Rey O'Reilly Clone
03/04/2018 KILLER FOR ICE PLANT WEEDS Zula Fisher 295 Michelle Circle Ana Kutch Clone