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Application Date Product(s) Name Customer Address Applicator Name
12/16/2017 KILLER FOR ICE PLANT WEEDS Alfonzo Hammes 93243 Swift Mountain Kelly Glover Clone
11/26/2017 DREXEL KOP HYDROXIDE 88% TECHNICAL Karli Reinger 801 Ova Fields Odell Harber Clone
12/25/2017 BEST 4 SERVIS BRAND DDVP 10 Alycia Ondricka 182 Hills Village Lia Senger Clone
12/04/2017 WEED & BRUSH KILLER XL-1 Adah Toy 897 Langworth Club Domenico Nikolaus Clone
12/06/2017 DREXEL KOP HYDROXIDE 88% TECHNICAL Willms-Kuhic (Alisa Reichert) 3613 Kub Club Domenico Nikolaus Clone
12/20/2017 BEST 4 SERVIS BRAND DDVP 10 DuBuque, Erdman and Friesen (Meaghan Gaylord) 3199 Kelsie Drive Kelly Glover Clone
12/25/2017 WEED & BRUSH KILLER XL-1 Bergstrom Inc (Hayden Daniel) 929 Bartell Mountains Kelly Glover Clone