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Sodding Canada

Sodding Canada is a full service company which specializes in both residential and commercial properties. Our innovative landscape planners bring fresh perspective to each design and always include the client's ideas in envisioning a new or updated area. We are a proven success in our field for over 15 years, working as professionals in the area, so we understand the needs of both large scale community maintenance services and more modest sized private projects. Our experienced crews are committed to bringing these ideas to life for each property with high quality and superior work.
Our Sodding Canada team will do its best to make each environment and every outdoor space a distinctive classic statement. We pride ourselves on being progressive and innovative, always striving to fulfill the client's needs by providing courteous, timely, and quality services. Our materials are hand chosen by an experienced and knowledgeable staff with an eye for the extraordinary.

At Sodding Canada, we are not only making your lawn look beautiful, but bringing the enjoyment of outdoor activities to your family. That way you will not be feeling lawn-ly this summer and will get the most out of this warm season.

We offer our sod installation services and more all across the GTA. Our sod experts are ready to assist you with any lawn project, big or small. We offer a wide range of services from full sod installation to sod cutter rental or sod installation experts for hire.

Our professional team has a lot of knowledge and experience in both commercial and residential areas. Do not hesitate and call us at 647-277-4774 or send us an email at [email protected]! Make your dream lawn come true.


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