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It was a Sunday afternoon, and I (Ruben the dad) was sitting on the couch watching football and eating Cheetos, Ru was in his room playing Fortnite. As I sat there and thought about everything that was going on I felt like I was wasting time. I was waiting for my new job to start but that was still uncertain, I thought about my bills and the need to do something, besides watching TV and eating Cheetos. I've always heard "start with what you have" so as I looked around saw our home cheapo lawn equipment, next thing you know Ru is getting a big RUUUU! Let’s go! He asks "Where we going?? And I said to mow some lawns. So we loaded up our yardman 21" push mower, Ryobi battery weed eater and Ryobi hand blower in our Honda Odyssey. We went down the street and looked for tall grass. We knocked on one door and boom our first customer! Well it was just a $20 front yard, but then we did the neighbor across the street, then a neighbor a block over. By then all our equipment was wasted, especially the battery stuff, we had to come back the next day to finish the last lawn. That night I talked with my wife and prayed and calculated and calculated some more. The big question wasn't are we going into the lawn business it was "what are we going to name the lawn business?". As my wife and I sat on the couch I only knew the name had to have Alonso in it, then as I slowly sounded out Alonso thinking what could come next, but the sound LAWN popped out at me in the middle of my last name. In that moment I looked at my wife and said A-Lawn-so Services! She said, "oh my god Ruben, you are so cheesy". And we were off! We started mowing on Sundays only then on Monday evenings after work as well, then Tuesday evenings too, then Wednesdays until we couldn't keep up. We brought on some family to help with the routes while I worked full time and they mowed during the day, that worked for a while and with God's blessings we continued growing. Then in May of 2020 with COVID in full swing I was laid-off from my job and I jumped in the truck with the crew. Late that summer Ru and I were on our route, and he asked me a big question, "Dad, what are we going to do in winter?". I honestly didn't know, but I knew who did, so I told him the truth, "I don't know son, but God will provide". That winter some divine intervention introduced us to lawn paint, yes that's right lawn paint. One of our customers asked if we had ever done that before and I said "no but tell me about it" and boy did he. We painted his lawn, then the neighbors, then the one across the street. Lawn painting was a hit for the winter time! Then one day my then 16-year-old daughter Jena made our first TikTok and IT WENT VIRAL! 3.5 million views. People were calling us from Australia, Dubai, Argentina and all over the world, I may have even taken a call from the international space station at one point (just kidding, but it was feeling crazy). God has been good to us, and we are a long way away from that minivan and battery Ryobi tools, but those dog days will never be forgotten and that’s why we value your business, because it’s been a journey to get here, a lot (A LOT) of sweat, blood and tears have been shed along the way and we don't want to waste that. God has blessed us with you, and we are grateful for that. We look forward to serving you!
-The Alonso Family


  • Lawn Maintenance $45 and up
  • Mulch $13/bag
  • Lawn Paint 13 cents/psf
  • Leaf clean ups $10/bag


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