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My company called Blackwell Landscape Group out to help us because we had run over 4 irrigation valve...
October 08, 2020
Brandon D. | Customer
My company called Blackwell Landscape Group out to help us because we had run over 4 irrigation valves which we did not know we did. The customer called us and said when the irrigation came on, water was pooling up in 4 different locations. I called the only group I trust in the NC and SC area and they came out immediately. We were in trouble and needed help asap. Blackwell Landscape Group came and got us straight within 2 hours. It saved us a ton of money and a lawsuit from the customer. Thanks to Blackwell Landscape Group for helping us in our time of need. I recommend them to anyone looking for great reliable service at a fair price. B.D.
October 08, 2020


We’ve been proudly serving the Charlotte NC and Surrounding Areas for over 20 years now and have an extensive catalog of satisfied customers to show for it. Our mission remains the same as it did when we were just starting out: to offer Residential and Commercial clients exceptional, well-manicured yards that they can enjoy year-round. To offer them the best Landscaping, Hardscaping (Stone patios, Walk and Driveways, Retaining Walls) Irrigation, Lighting, Drainage and Design work done.

My Father started this business in 2000 to combine our passion for the outdoors with our creative side. We come to you today as a 100% family-owned business and pride ourselves on exceptional customer relationships – just as we always have. Everything we do is guided by the vision of our customers. You tell us what you’d like your yard to look like and we’ll get it done for you. No questions asked.

Our team of Landscape Professionals are ready to transform your Residential or Commercial properties to the beautiful outdoor paradise you've always wanted. Just give us a call, text, email, or fill out the online request form on our website.


  • Landscape
  • Irrigation
  • Fence Installation (All types)
  • Sod Work
  • 2D & 3D Software Designs
  • Property Management Services,
  • Hardscape (Stone Paver Patios, Retaining W.) Retaining Walls
  • Lighting
  • Drainage
  • Grading
  • Residential & Commercial Lawn Management
  • and much, much more.


Customer's home we lighted with Landscape Lighting.

Commercial Entrance way install.

Getting ready to install a Retaining wall.

Corporuim Property we maintain.

Small stone project we did. Beautiful!

Completed project we did that was put in the magazine Southern Homes.

Installing Sod for a customer

Building a Retaining Wall for a customer of ours.

Our guys installing Sod for one of our customers.


Irrigation Project we did.

Landscape Lighting project

Landscaped yard we did in Charlotte NC

Look at this beautiful yard we areated and reseeded. Beautiful and thick.

Our guys installing mulch for a customer.

Project we did in 2019

We did this project in stages. It came out Beautiful after the pool was installed.

Customer's home we have maintained for years. We also did the patio.

Installing Irrigation lines for Chili's Restaurant Chain.

One of our customers Beautifully manicured yard by us.

Pic of our Lawn Management work for a customer. Beautiful right!

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