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Today - December 08, 2019

Type Description Assigned To (?) Start date
Job Grass Cutting Active
McLaughlin, Jacobson and Swift ((demo) Greyson Grant)
14346 Autumn Meadow, West Timothyton
Lon Lindgren
Sun, Dec 08, 02:36 AM 
Job Lawn Care and Maintenance Active
(demo) Maybell Greenfelder
34740 Gerlach Ford, North Shanyfurt
Andre Goodwin
Sun, Dec 08, 08:09 AM 
Job Lawn and Garden Sprinkler System - Repair Active
(demo) Arvel Hahn
84581 Langworth Falls, Padbergberg
Maya Funk
Sun, Dec 08, 11:38 PM 
Job Lawn Care - Aerate a Lawn Completed
(demo) Braulio Orn
26926 Kerluke Course, Hamillmouth
Maria Shields
Sun, Dec 08, 03:04 PM